Hello 2017!

I’m a half-year late, but here’s a quick post to show that I’m still alive.

I haven’t done anything code-heavy for this year, unfortunately. I have been picking up some non-gamedev related programming stuff lately though, specifically React. The sad reality is that, developing web apps for businesses is less stressful and pays better (for those who genuinely enjoy web development) in Malaysia.

I think I’ve already said enough in my previous post from 2016, and my sentiments still sort of ring true today. But before I end this quick post, let me share this little video which I came across, that pretty much sums up my thought of “making it big in the gamedev scene”:

I really do hope to pursue gamedev again someday, perhaps as a serious hobby. But for now, I like the idea of having a decent stable job and spending my free time on self-improvement, like learning Japanese and exercising.

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