Daily art

New Year Resolution

I decided that beginning this year, I would challenge myself to doodle something every day. I don’t have a perfect streak, but I’ve been able to draw something almost everyday since January 1st, and I’m pretty happy with myself.

If there’s one thing I’m really proud of (which I’ve mentioned numerous times before), it’s my discipline to push through things even when I don’t feel like it. I’m not saying I’m more disciplined than other people, but I’m definitely a whole lot more disciplined than I was 3 years ago.

Before I forget: If you’re interested, my art page (along with links to my other pages) is here: http://wyleong.tumblr.com.

Online Identity

After thinking for a long time, I have decided to go back to anonymity. I have removed all traces of my real face in my active accounts. Previously, I had wanted to present myself online as a professional programmer, since most programmers do that. But I realised, what’s the point? Putting my face out there online doesn’t really add value to my identity.

From now on, I’m going to draw seriously in my free time. I’m at my second freelance gig now, and I have a third one in queue.

Programming is fun and all, but that’s my day job. In my spare time, I’m going to do what I enjoy most — illustrating, and most importantly, making extra income out of it.

I will update this blog from time to time, so no worries about me disappearing! In fact, if my schedule eases up a little later this year, I might even start programming for fun again. Ah, it’s pretty nice to have something positive to look forward to.


As for my job hunt? I’m still casually looking! The last interview I had was very positive (or so I thought), but the interviewer rejected me with a reason along the lines of “we’re looking for a manager-type person, and we don’t think you’re ready for the role”. I was a little taken aback because I (and even my recruiter) thought the role was for a regular web developer. It was the first time I got a job application rejection with the response that I’m “not ready for a managerial role”, and it made me think that I should put my head down for now, and work hard to be worthy of being manager.

Well anyway, there’s the saying, “when one door closes, another opens”. Perhaps it was an indication that there are better things in store for me, so I just need to improve my portfolio in the meantime.

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