Pip Panic! Release


Remember I said I was going on hiatus from tutorial-writing because I had a project to finish up on? That project is Pip Panic, the first indie game I did with my partner, Monosattva.

You can download the game from these links:

This took us longer than expected. Approximately 10 months, since we conceived the idea in September 2014. But now that it’s out, we just need to clean up some loose ends (balancing, bug-fixing), and we can finally move to our second game.

You can also find a sort-of more informational page from the TIG forum post here. It has screenshots and download links to the desktop (but outdated) versions.

One might think, “why haven’t you move on to the second game while waiting for the first game to release?” My excuse was, I still had other side projects going on, and deadlines approach for all of them. On one hand, I have a comic I’m doing for a local comic competition (updates can be found on my Tapastic page and Tumblr page). On another, I have to work on making small, casual games for the web and mobile devices for a local games portal.

Anyway I’m still occupied with those side projects for now. I barely started on the Visual Novel tutorial for HaxeFlixel, but I’ll eventually get to writing it.

Here’s to the first game we released on App Store as indie developers. Cheers.

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