Introduction to HaxeFlixel – Part 0: About HaxeFlixel

haxeflixelIf you’re interested in HaxeFlixel, then you probably already know what it is. Otherwise, check out these page and see for yourself if it interests you:

Main webpage:

About HaxeFlixel:

Demos (what HaxeFlixel is capable of):

Stack Overflow article (Great answer by SeiferTim regarding what OpenFL and HaxeFlixel is/does):

In a nutshell, HaxeFlixel is the result of using the Haxe programming language, using the OpenFL library, and enhanced with the Flixel (the Actionscript version) framework.

Before we begin, let me point you to a few other places where you can get more HaxeFlixel guidance. The tutorials in the websites below are much more complete than what is written here (at the moment), so feel free to check out those links before returning here.

If you’re unsure if HaxeFlixel is for you, check out Will Blanton’s Part Zero section “Is HaxeFlixel for me?” or StrandedSoft’s “A Love Letter to HaxeFlixel” page.

A full HaxeFlixel tutorial by Will Blanton:

A Haxe blog (with various tutorials) by Kirill Poletaev:

A game development blog which has a tutorial series using HaxeFlixel:

Update (May 29 2015): Diego Machado has compiled an awesome list of HaxeFlixel info and resources on his Github page. Perfect starting place for beginners. 😀

In the next post, we shall go through setting up the HaxeFlixel environment.

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