My First Game – Part 3: Pong – Setup

Let’s quickly create a new HaxeFlixel project before we begin.

Use the following command to create a new HaxeFlixel template project in a folder of your choice:

This will create a template HaxeFlixel project in the folder called “MyFirstGamePong”.

Now navigate to “MyFirstGamePong” folder. You can drag-and-drop the folder into your Sublime Text to make it easier to manage your files and folders, like this:


Take note of the  MenuState.hx , as it is the starting point of all HaxeFlixel games by default. You can always change the starting point to another file by going to Main.hx  and changing the initialState value to another state name, like PlayState .

In our next post, we shall write our first piece of code to create the paddle for our Pong clone.

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