HaxeFlixel Study – FlxTeroids, Part 1: Project Setup

Today, we’ll learn how to dissect a HaxeFlixel demo project’s code, so we can learn how things are done. This way, you can go off to learn from all the available demo projects if you ever feel the tutorials are insufficient.

The project we’ll be taking a look at today is FlxTeroids, a HaxeFlixel demo project, which qualifies as a solid MVP example.

So where is the sample project code? You don’t need to use Git or go to the Github page — Your default HaxeFlixel command already has them all! Just type this in your console:

And you’ll see a whole list of sample projects that you can create. As of writing, the FlxTeroids project is [3], so just type 3 and press Enter and your sample project will be created.

Just to see if it works — cd  into your folder and test it with lime test neko . You should be able to build the game:

flxteroid-ss1 flxteroid-ss2

In the next post, we shall take a look into the code, and identify the design for the game.


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