Introduction to HaxeFlixel – Part 2: Editor Setup

You will need an editor to code your games in, similar to how Visual Studio can be used to write C++. You can literally use the default Notepad software to write your code, but if you prefer Intellisense/Auto-completion and color coded text, then I highly recommend Sublime Text.

Sublime Text’s attractive feature to me is the cross-compatibility (Windows, OSX and Linux) and it’s abundance of plugin packages. One of the plugins is the “Haxe Sublime Bundle”, which allows Sublime to perform auto-completion on your Haxe projects.

Before you can install plugins on Sublime Text, you will need to install the feature. Visit this page and follow the instructions here:

Once you have the plugin feature (a.k.a. Package Control), you can press ctrl+shift+p  (Windows,Linux) or cmd+shift+p  (OSX) to open the command palette:

ss4Choose “Package Control: Install Package”. It will take a moment for Sublime to download the list of plugins, but once it’s done, you’ll see a new list in the command palette:

ss5Type “Haxe” and you’ll see the first result appearing — the Haxe Sublime Text Bundle plugin. Click on it to install. Now you’re ready to start coding with some convenience of auto-completion and color coding.

If you dislike Sublime Text and want to consider other Editors you could use, check out the page below:

In the next post, we shall begin our journey in the world of HaxeFlixel game development. Stay tuned!

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